Robotic mechanotherapy in children with motor disorders of different genesis

Войтенков В.Б., Скрипченко Н.В., Иванова М.В., Пульман Н.Ф., Минькин А.В., Войтенкова А.В., Шведовченко И.В.


The work deals with the modern trend in neurorehabilitation – robotic mechanotherapy applied to pediatric patients, based on the review of the literature. Robotic mechanotherapy demonstrated to be efficient and safe when used in patients of this age-related group. The technique safety demonstrated in some works. Neuroplasticity activation seems to be the main mechanism of the technique efficiency. The advantages and disadvantages of the most promising devices for robotic mechanotherapy use considered. The lack of control and objective evaluation of the change in the motor system functioning with clinical assessment prevalence is the disadvantage of the works related to evaluating the efficiency of using robotic mechanotherapy in children.


neurorehabilitation, robotic mechanotherapy, children


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