The role of the elbow radiography and multispiral computed tomography (MSCT) in surgical correction of the elbow posttraumatic deformity in children

Хужаназаров И.Э., Ходжанов И.Ю.


Background. An important role in solving the problem of treating children with posttraumatic deformities of the elbow belongs to radiation diagnostics, in particular, MSCT which allows to reveal all the changes in the elbow for its injuries in order to determine the tactics and technique of treatment.
Purpose. To use the possibilities of modern methods of radiation diagnostics in revealing the elbow changes in children with posttraumatic deformities, as well as to study the results of treatment.
Results. The examination of children with the consequences of distal humeral fractures using the techniques of radiography and multislice computed tomography (MSCT) allowed to obtain the objective data about pathological change character to substantiate a treatment technique. Excellent and good results of treatment achieved in the long-term period.
Conclusion. Modern techniques of radiation diagnostics allowed obtaining an objective image of restoring the roentgen-morphological and anatomical parameters characterizing the elbow after fracture consequence treatment.


children, fracture consequences, deformity, the elbow (joint), radiography and MSCT


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