Comparative assessment of the classifications of subaxial injuries

Бурцев А.В., Губин А.В.


Introduction. Injuries of the cervical spine are the most common and severe variants of injury. So far, there is no unified and generally accepted system of assessment, and that negatively affects the subsequent tactics of treatment.
Purpose. To analyze the existing classifications of subaxial injuries in terms of reliability, clinical significance, and the possibility of treatment tactics determination.
Materials and Methods. The existing classifications analyzed on the basis of the data of the literature.
Results. The classifications with scoring system (CSISS, SLIC) are the most reliable ones for subaxial injury assessment. CSISS classification is preferred to assess the subaxial injuries without neurological disorders. SLIC classification is optimal for assessing the injuries accompanied by neurological disorders.


subaxial injuries, classifications, CSISS, SLIC


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