Roentgenomorphological manifestations of reparative process for correcting deformities of the hand metacarpal bones and finger phalanges using transosseous osteosynthesis

Дьячков К.А., Дьячкова Г.В., Онипко К.Н.


Purpose. To study the reparative processes during correction of metacarpal bone and finger phalanx deformities using transosseous osteosynthesis.
Material and Methods. Polypositional roentgenography which performed after patient’s admission to the clinic, during deformity correction, and after treatment (device fixation) completion, was used for studying reparative osteogenesis features in the process of correcting deformities of the hand different segments in 56 patients.
Results. The roentgenological signs of reparative osteogenesis during deformity correction have been demonstrated to manifest themselves as periosteal reaction, interfragmental reparative processes the severity of which depends on diastasis size, reposition completeness, soft tissue state.
Conclusion. Treatment of malunited or maluniting fractures of metacarpal bones and finger phalanges using the Ilizarov mini-fixator allows to obtain good results, to restore segmental axis and proper anatomical relations between the hand segments.


the hand, transosseous osteosynthesis, reparative osteogenesis, polypositional roentgenography


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