The immediate and long-term results of treating patients with fractures of the hand metacarpals

Асилова С.У., Хайдаров А.К.


Introduction. We have found it necessary to propose our own working scale in view of the fact that many authors mainly use I.A. Zurmaev technique to evaluate the results of metacarpal fracture treatment.
Materials and Methods. We presented the evaluation of treatment results in 54 patients with fractures of the hand metacarpals in the immediate and long-term periods according to the clinically developed working scale.
Results. The results were evaluated by a point score system: a result evaluated from eight to six points was considered as a good one, that from five to three points – satisfactory, and that of two points and below – as an unsatisfactory one.
Conclusion. The proposed scale to evaluate the results of treating metacarpal fractures is simple and easy to use, it does not require additional instrumental examinations.


metacarpals, fracture, results, evaluation, a working scale


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