Efficiency comparison when using complexes of therapeutic exercises for coxarthrosis, and those after the hip replacement

Колесников С.В., Колесникова Э.С., Камшилов Б.В., Скрипников А.А.


Purpose. To compare the efficiency of using traditional exercise therapy for coxarthrosis, and the original complex of exercises based on manual therapy soft-tissue techniques.
Materials and Methods. A comparative analysis made regarding the efficiency of using traditional exercise therapy for coxarthrosis and after the hip replacement, as well as the original exercise complex based on the soft-tissue techniques of manual therapy. The complex proposed by the authors includes exercises with gravitational loading, postisometric relaxation, relaxing exercises of accelerated rhythm and small amplitude, and it is directed to improving the hip functional state (the decrease of the pain syndrome severity, the increase of range of motion, the increase of tolerance to loads).
Results. The results of using the proposed exercise complex in the system of restorative treatment demonstrated its great efficiency comparing to traditional exercise therapy.
Conclusion. The proposed exercise complex allows to relieve the suffering of patients with joint pathologies and to improve their quality of life.


coxarthrosis, the state after joint replacement, therapeutic exercises, postisometric relaxation, manual therapy


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