The value of correlations between the blood phosphatase index and mineral metabolism indicators in patients with bone non-unions

Трифонова T.Б., Попова А.С., Гюльназарова С.В., Мамаев В.И.


Introduction. The search of informative criteria for monitoring the treatment of patients with low bone mineral density is relevant.
Purpose. To reveal and substantiate the correlation of the blood phosphatase index with mineral metabolism indicators.
Materials and Methods. 49 patients with bone non-unions examined dynamically. The activity of phosphoric monoesterase bone isoenzymes with phosphatase index calculation was determined in blood serum and daily urine, as well as the concentration of total and ionized calcium, magnesium, inorganic phosphate, parathyroid hormone, calcitonin; the excretion of calcium, phosphate was determined in daily urine based on creatinine.
Results. The significant correlations of the blood phosphatase index with mineral metabolism indicators revealed which determined by the volume of injury, its duration, the level of bone tissue mineral density.
Conclusion. The monitoring of these laboratory values is efficient for diagnostics and treatment of patients under immobilization conditions.


bone tissue metabolism, mineral metabolism, bone mineral density


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