The implementation of the general biological principles discovered by G.A. Ilizarov in treating the wounded and injured persons with defects of the lower limb long bone shafts

Брижань Л.К., Бабич М.И., Хоминец В.В., Цемко Т.Д., Артемьев В.А., Аксенов Ю.В.


Purpose. To evaluate the effectiveness of treating lower limb long bone shaft defects in the wounded and injured persons using the Ilizarov method as the main one.
Materials and Methods. The authors demonstrate a retrospective analysis of the short- and long-term results of treatment of 48 wounded persons and 68 injured ones. We used the method of non-free bone grafting according to G.A. Ilizarov to fill the defects.
Results. As the result analysis demonstrated, excellent and good results were obtained in 37 (77.1 %) wounded persons and in 39 (57.4 %) injured ones, satisfactory results – in 11 (22.9 %) wounded and 26 (38.2 %) injured persons, and unsatisfactory results – in three (3) injured persons (3.9 %).
Conclusions. More favorable results of treatment in the wounded persons were due to fewer complications, as well as to using consecutive osteosynthesis in some cases.


chronic posttraumatic osteomyelitis, a bone defect, bone grafting, internal fixation, the Ilizarov method, quality of life


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