ENMG-characteristics of neurological deficit in patients of different age-related groups with lumbar spondylolisthesis

Шеин А.П., Колчанов К.В., Криворучко Г.А.


Purpose. To analyze the influence of age-related factor on functional ENMG-characteristics of the lower limb neuromotor system in patients with LV spondylolisthesis.
Materials and Methods. 36 patients at the age of 15-67 years with LV spondylolisthesis examined using ENMG methods (M-responses).
Results. ENMG-characteristics of LV root functional state demonstrated to correlate with age poorly, while the values of adjacent root state (LIV, SI) are largely age-dependent.
Conclusion. The results of the studies performed may be useful in developing the tactics, as well as in predicting the functional outcomes of surgical treatment of elderly and senile patients with lumbar spondylolisthesis.


spondylolisthesis, age, electroneuromyography, muscles, nerves


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