Treatment of humerus nonunion using G.A. Ilizarov technique

Bari M.M., Islam S., Shetu N.H., Mahfuzer R.M.


The management of the humerus nonunion is one of the most challenging problems that the surgeon confronts in his practice. The procedures traditionally used are: IM nailing, interlocking, plating, transplantation of allograft. In our series, 46 cases with nonunion has been treated by G.A. Ilizarov technique. The age range was: 21-62 years with an average of 32 years. The initial treatment was done by DCP, Rush nails and plates with screw fixation. The duration of treatment ranged from 5-11 months (average 8 months). With the Ilizarov fixator application a good range of elbow and shoulder motion was achieved. The average follow-up period was 15 years with a range of 1-22 years. Union was achieved in all the 46 cases.


Humerus nonunion, Ilizarov technique


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