Osteointegration of titanium nickelide mesh constructs, and reparative osteogenesis for their implantation

Ирьянов Ю.М., Борзунов Д.Ю., Чернов В.Ф., Чернов А.В., Дюрягина О.В., Аксенов Д.И.


Purpose. To study osteointegration characteristics of titanium nickelide mesh constructs and reparative osteogenesis under their implantation into bone defects.
Material and Methods. Tibial bone defect modeled experimentally in rats and dogs, and an implant of titanium nickelide mesh constructs inserted. The methods of radiography, scanning electron microscopy, and X-ray electron probe analysis used.
Results. The implant of titanium nickelide established to be biocompatible and have osteoconductive properties, the zone of osteogenesis and angiogenesis formed around it, and bone sheath is formed as well. Osteointegration of the implant structures occurs early, as well as regenerated bone organotypic remodeling, and the defect is filled with lamellar bone tissue by the type of bone wound primary healing.
Conclusion. The implant of titanium nickelide mesh constructs is one of the most optimal osteoplastic materials, and its use is encouraging and substantiated theoretically.


implant, titanium nickelide, bone defect, reparative osteogenesis


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