Academician G.A. Ilizarov’s scientific heritage: a look into the future from the past (part I) (devoted to 95th anniversary of Academician G.A. Ilizarov, 65th anniversary of the transosseous osteosynthesis method according to Ilizarov)

Губин А.В., Борзунов Д.Ю., Марченкова Л.О., Смирнова И.Л.


Based on the analysis of works of G.A. Ilizarov, Academician of RAS, his concept of stimulating effect of tension stress on genesis and growth of tissues on the locomotor system presented in the work. The identified regularities and mechanisms of neogenesis of bone, muscular, nervous tissues, as well as that of vessels and nerves demonstrated. It is G.A. Ilizarov’s works that proved the fact that tissue growth and regeneration under the influence of tension stress and under blood supply and load adequacy (the Ilizarov Effect) occurs similarly to the process of natural growth in ontogenesis.


Ilizarov’s discovery, controlled transosseous osteosynthesis, the Ilizarov fixator


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