Successful treatment of open and gunshot bone fractures is possible only on the basis of the Ilizarov method

Лаврищева Г.И., Горохова Г.П.


On the basis of the analysis of the materials of VI congress of traumatologists and orthopaedists of Russia (N. Novgorod, 1997) convincing conclusion is drawn in this work about the fact, that there is no alternative to the transosseous osteosynthesis according to Ilizarov in case of such injuries of the locomotor system. The main states are given concerning bone reparative regeneration, being developed by Rusakova-Vinogradova morphologic school, which confirms greatness of G.A. Ilizarov's practical and theoretical discoveries. The method of transosseous osteosynthesis, put forward by him, with out-of-bone arrangement of the fixator, ensuring rigidity of fragmental fixation, necessary for proper bone union, has expressed a high opinion of morphologists, but has not been realized sufficiently in practice of traumatology and orthopaedics for a long time. At present it is used not only by direct apprentices of G.A. Ilizarov's school, but by a large group of surgeons-enthusiasts, dealing with severe injuries of support organs, as well.
The Ilizarov method should become a method of choice for such a category of patients, and organizing measures of the country's health service are necessary for this purpose.


bones, open fractures, the Ilizarov method


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