Differential diagnosis and treatment of cysts in the popliteal region

Макушин В.Д., Чегуров О.К., Чиркова А.М., Казанцев В.И.


According to the data of J. Kolar and B. Drugova (1972), the Becker cyst occurs in 20,8% cases of pathologically changed synovial formations of the knee. S.Y. Doletsky et al. (1989) note, that there are 30% of recurrences in the process of conservative treatment of cysts; as for surgical dissection, there are 5-100% of the cases, which are the most often for multiloculated cysts of the knee. All the above demonstrates current concern of the selected problem to study both for improvement of differential diagnosis of hygromas and cysts of the popliteal fossa and for planning of extent for surgical intervention.We observed 10 patients at the age of 8-64 years with hygromas and cysts of the popliteal region. The Becker cyst was diagnosed in 7 patients, hygroma of the synovial bursa of musculus semimembranosus tendon, using a method of radiopaque arthrography. The formations of the popliteal region were surgically dissected in all the patients. There were no recurrences of the disease.


lower limb, the knee, the Becker cyst, hygromas of the popliteal region


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