Polysegmental restorative - elongated operations by Ilizarov, on pathological changed bone

Bozinovski S., Razmoski N., Nedeski S., Bitrakov Z.


Summary: We have used numerous methods of transosseous osteosynthesis by Ilizarov in treatment of pathologically changed bones with different localization simultaneously. We have consistently followed the therapeutic schema, applying the methods which has been devised at the Ilizarov School in RNC RTO and making use of the original construction of the Ilizarov apparatus. In our hospital we have treated 102 cases with different pathological changed bones of more bone segments. Mostly of the femur and tibia. Most frequently: false joints, delayed or non union, with or without infection, with or without deformity of the neighboring bone segment, with or without segmental discrepancy and shortening, with or without the foot deformity.
Percent of the bone consolidation: 87-93%;
Percent of deformity correction: 81-91%;
Percent of equalization: 73-89%.


Polysegmental deformity, Pathological changed bone, Transosseous osteosynthesis by Ilizarov


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