The role of computer tomography (CT) in determination of treatment tactics and evaluation of results in patients with chronic osteomyelitis of calcaneus

Аранович А.М., Клюшин Н.М., Митина Ю.Л., Топоров А.И.


14 patients with osteomyelitic involvement of calcaneus were examined, using "Somatom AR-HP" roentgen computer tomograph of the Siemens firm: 14 patients before surgery and 3 patients - in the immediate and long-term postoperative period. The data of CT were used by the authors to work out the classification of calcaneal chronic osteomyelitis, to select treatment technique for patients with chronic osteomyelitis of calcaneus, to evaluate results of treatment.


computer tomography (CT), chronic osteomyelitis, calcaneus, classification, evaluation of results, transosseous compression-distraction osteosynthesis


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