The Method of Transosseous Osteosynthesis in Management of Femoral Shaft Pseudarthrosis-Defects Complicated with Marginal Shape of Chronic Post-Traumatic Osteomyelitis

Девятова Т.А.


The given work reports on the results of management of 21 patients with femoral shaft pseudarthrosis-defects complicated with marginal shape of chronic post-traumatic osteomyelitis using the method of open and closed transosseous osteosynthesis. Positive outcomes of medical rehabilitation have been obtained in 95,2% of the patients. The application of transosseous osteosynthesis techniques with adequate operative intervention in osteomyelitic focus has been more effective than closed osteosynthesis.


bone, defect, femoral shaft, post-traumatic osteomyelitis, transosseous osteosynthesis


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