Optimization of External Transosseous Osteosynthesis in Management of Foot Trauma and Deformity

Бейдик О.В.


The purpose of the investigation is to study the results of treatment of the patients with foot trauma and deformities using the method of external transosseous osteosynthesis.
35 patients with feet trauma and deformities operated using wire and half-pin external transosseous fixation were the objects of the study. Topographic and anatomic researches of half-pin fixator placement areas were performed on 5 male cadavers of mesomorphic build aged from 35 to 45. The peculiarities of wire and half-pin transosseous osteosynthesis in foot deformity correction as well as post-op care of the patients and immediate and late follow-ups of the treatment were also researched.
The directions and areas of half-pin fixators in talus and calcaneus were studied as well. Main results of the study revealed the advantages of wire and half-pin external transosseous fixation over the pure wire fixation. They included the simplicity of osteosynthesis technology and the reduction of specific complications number.


external wire and half-pin transosseous osteosynthesis, foot


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