Current control of skin acoustic properties in patients with open fractures of limb bones

Гребенюк Л.А., Мартель И.И.


A technique of sound speed measurement in skin of patients with limb bone open fractures of different types is described, which allows painless study of necessary by the area zones of skin integument, including adjacent to wound surface, using ―on line‖ mode. Plotting passing over curves of vectors of sound speeds (―acoustic fields‖) is taken as a basis of comparative evaluation of the mechanical condition of symmetric skin portions of involved segment and intact one. The proposed approach in the study of the involved segment skin condition allows to take wound contour into consideration and make differential diagnostics of the ―acoustic field‖ form, depending on this factor, to control skin acoustic properties in dynamics for optimization of treatment.


skin, acoustic properties, open fractures, limb, wounds


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