The use of physical factors in order to optimize bone regeneration (A review of literature)

Резник Л.Б., Рожков К.Ю., Ерофеев С.А., Дзюба Г.Г., Котов Д.В.


The literature review on the possible use of physical factors in treatment of complicated bone fractures presented in the work. The causes of bone tissue regeneration disorder described. The possibility of using such physical factors as electromagnetic and laser radiation, electric and acoustic impact evaluated. Particular attention is paid to using low-frequency ultrasound. The use of low-frequency ultrasound impact to optimize bone tissue regeneration demonstrated to be promising, but it is not widely used in clinical practice. The problem of ultrasound optimal parameters and application points should be studied further.


bone tissue regeneration, low-frequency ultrasound impact, electromagnetic impact, laser radiation


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