Disintegration mechanisms in “sensomotor apparatus – body scheme” system of peripheral genesis and the model of limb elongation

Шеин А.П.


Conceptional ideas have been formulated and substantiated concerning development and fixation of partial disorders in the system of interaction of peripheral sensomotor structures and ―body scheme‖ (BS) on the basis of generalized results of versatile neurophysiological studies of reactivity and adaptation of nerves and muscles during limb elongation according to Ilizarov and on the basis of analysis of characteristics of local isometric motor tests with limitations for speed and accuracy of their performance. The main statements of the conception refer not only to the mechanisms of formation of postdistraction motor disorders, connected with profound reorganizations in the peripheral part of motor units (that means the beginning and development of disparity between genetically predetermined and formed in ontogenesis motor programs and executive potentials of effectors), but to those of formation of deficiency of adequate sensor maintenance of movements with participation of elongated limb.


body scheme, limb, elongation, nerves, muscles


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