Results and prospects of use of the method of controlled transosseous osteosynthesis according to Ilizarov in vertebrology

Кирсанов К.П.


The work rounds off the results of many-year work concerning experimental-and-theoretical substantiation of the method of controlled transosseous osteosynthesis in vertebrology. On the basis of complex investigatisns reparative regeneration was studied in new staticodynamic conditions of external stable fixation for traumatic spinal injuries of various types. It was demonstrated, that partial bone union of vertebral body fragments was formed after 21-28 days and complete one – after 42 days at the expense of endosteal osteogenesis. Applicability of the principles of the controlled transosseous osteosynthesis in reconstructive-and-restorative spinal surgery can be considered to be proved, thereby providing purposive influence upon shape-formative processes in spinal tissues by making conditions of their stress.


spine, stable fixation, apparatus, reparative regeneration, distraction osteogenesis


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