The main tendencies in treatment of the elbow posttraumatic deformities in children (Review of the literature)

Хужаназаров И.Э., Ходжанов И.Ю.


The elbow injuries are most common in adolescence, they account for about 50% of all fractures, and in childhood they rank first in frequency, variety, quantity and severity. Transcondylar and supracondylar fractures are among the most common injuries of the distal humeral end making 47.5-80% of all intraarticular fractures of the elbow area in children. The relevance of the present problem is due to a high proportion of complications and unsatisfactory outcomes (18-85%) despite a lot of available techniques for the elbow area fracture treatment, and the risk of nonunion and pseudoarthrosis formation amounts to 13-27%. The elbow injuries are the first by the number of posttraumatic complications. The complications are caused by various tactical, diagnostic, medical errors. The analysis of errors and complications covered in the work, as well as the main tendencies in the process of treatment of the elbow posttraumatic deformities in children.


deformity, the elbow (joint), children, surgical treatment


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