Influence of the operation total hip joint replacement on the electrolytes balance of the organism

Барабаш И.В., Барабаш Ю.А.


At the patients with a various pathology of the hip joint treated by a method total hip replacement , in the age from 15 till 72 years, the research on the automatic biochemical analyzer of American firm "Beckman" is produced the following microelements of whey of blood: К - at 47 persons, Na - at 51, Ca and P - at 86, Fe'- at 65, Mg-at 48, Cl - at 35 before operation, on the 1-st, 10-th, 20-th, 30-th day after it. The analysis of outcomes of research conducted without division of the patients on indications of a sexual fittings.
Is detected, that the given operation calls various violations of electrolytes balance behind an elemination of phosphorus, which contents in whey of blood neither in nearest, nor in remote postoperative period essentially does not vary. The most expressed changes happened in balance K, Fe, Mg, Cl. The reason of origin of these violations had explained. The terms of recovery of a normal level of each microelement had determined.


electrolytes, microelements, hip joint replacement


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