Forms of organizing, amounts and resource support of the surgeries in the outpatient clinics of Saint-Petersburg

Шапиро К.И., Малахов И.Н., Величко К.Е., Сафонов С.М.


Introduction. The improvement of surgical activity in the outpatient setting is relevant.
Purpose. To develop the recommendations for improving this work based on studying the character and amounts of surgical interventions performed in the outpatient setting.
Materials and Methods. Statistical reporting for 5 years, the operation registration books of the outpatient surgery center and the trauma center (21479 surgeries), techniques of parametric statistics.
Results. The structure of surgical interventions for different forms of organizing the outpatient care revealed, as well as the supplying medical care of this type for the population, and the resource base of the outpatient surgery analyzed.
Conclusions. It is advisable to review the procedures for rendering the outpatient surgical care, to bring the resource base into conformity with modern requirements and possibilities, and to introduce a differentiated training of physicians in outpatient traumatology and orthopaedics.


outpatient care, surgery, structure of surgical interventions, organizing


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