Data of sonographic and opticodensitometric studies of distraction regenerate in the process of humeral elongation in children with achondroplasia

Ермак Е.М., Климов О.В.


Results of the studies demonstrated the possibility of impartial assessment of both density and structure of distraction regenerate during ultrasonographic study of the bone being elongated. Moreover, control of the regeneration process had been possible just from the first days of distraction, when the regenerate is roentgen-negative. A parallel studies of elongated segment X-ray, using DiaMorph-Cito complex, gave the possibility to investigate the dynamics of optical density changes in different parts of the regenerate and correlation change of the structures, forming the regenerate initial image, as well as to draw a parallel between the data of sonography and those of roentgenologic study.


achondroplasia, elongation, humerus, sonography, regenerate


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