A method of conservative treatment for severe posttraumatic gonarthrosis

Губанов А.В.


Introduction. Joint replacement is currently a routine surgery and a radical method of osteoarthrosis treatment. However, the high cost of implants, the development of serious complications, and the presence of contraindications to surgical treatment make to continue searching efficient conservative techniques of osteoarthrosis treatment.
Materials and Methods. The clinical experience of treating 35 patients, males and females, at the age of 31-75 years with posttraumatic gonarthrosis of Stage 3-4 according to Kellgren classification with the existing contraindications to joint replacement or those resisting surgical treatment for any reason. The treatment consisted in consecutive courses of intraarticular injections of Cel-T and Adgelon chondroprotectors.
Results. By three (3) months after the end of treatment the pain syndrome released significantly, the number of overcome staircases without the need of rest increased, as well as the range of motion in the joint, both the crepitation in the involved joint and the need for analgetics decreased.
Conclusion. In our opinion, the achievement of a positive result is associated with the pharmacological effect of potentiating the action of two different chondroprotectors, and gives the possibility to continue working in the desired direction.


posttraumatic gonarthrosis, conservative treatment, intensified chondroprotective effect, intraarticular injections


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