Blood protein fractions in patients with skeletal trauma treated by the transosseous osteosynthesis method according to Ilizarov

Киреева Е.А., Лунева С.Н., Бойчук С.П.


Introduction. Skeletal trauma plays the role of one of the trigger mechanisms that lead to changes in the concentrations of plasma protein components in the posttraumatic period.
Purpose. To evaluate the changes in the fraction composition of blood serum proteins in the posttraumatic period in patients with skeletal trauma of different types during treatment according to Ilizarov.
Materials and Methods. The fraction composition of blood serum proteins studied in 65 patients with lower limb bone fractures of different types. Results. Hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia combined with the increase in acute-phase protein fraction proportion developed in patients in the early period.
Conclusion. The disorders of protein metabolism values did not depend on the character of traumatic injury, but their recovery rate had a clear dependence on the type of trauma.


blood protein fractions, skeletal trauma, the Ilizarov method


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