Analysis of the results of treating tibial plateau fractures with the Ilizarov fixator

Джафаров А., Тан И., Гюльшен М., Али-Заде Ч.


Purpose. To evaluate the efficiency of treating tibial plateau fractures using external fixators.
Materials and Methods. The retrospective analysis of the short- and long-term results of treatment of 12 patients with fractures of the proximal tibia – plateau presented in the work. Surgical treatment consisted in open or closed reposition of the fractures using osteosynthesis with external fixators (EF). Evaluation of the results of treatment, both clinical and radiological, performed by the Rasmussen method.
Results. The analysis of treatment results demonstrated the clinical and radiological outcomes to be considered as good and excellent in 11 of 12 patients treated. Poor result observed only in one patient who required an additional surgery.
Conclusion. Based on these data, it can be said that the use of EF for treatment of tibial plateau fractures of type 5-6 according to Schatzker classification is the method of choice.


tibia, plateau, fractures, the Ilizarov fixator


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