Surgical treatment of rotation-and-subluxation kyphosis (A case report)

Зейналов Ю.Л.


The work deals with the presentation of a clinical case of treating a male patient at the age of 15 years with progressive kyphotic deformity accompanied by pain in the spine, limited movements, dyspnea and tachycardia. The patient underwent conservative treatment in different clinics more than once. On admission, marked fixed kyphoscoliosis revealed by radiography and CT data with 135° angle of scoliosis and 155° - that of kyphosis. The patient underwent correction and posterior fixation of the spine at Th2-L4 level (REED system, France). A double rod used on the right, for the system enhancement, in order to prevent rod breaking. No osteotomies performed during surgery. Osteoplasty used after the construct implantation, as well as posterior fixation and resection of six ribs. After surgery scoliotic deformity amounted to 38º, kyphotic one – to 73º.


kyphoscoliosis, surgical treatment, REED system, osteoplasty, posterior fixation


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