Simultaneous femoral bifocal non-union compression and lengthening over an intramedullary nail. A novel technique and case report

Fletcher M.D.


A first report of simultaneous femoral lengthening with concomitant non-union compression over a previously implanted intramedullary nail is described. A 38 year old male sustained a femoral segmental fracture and developed a persisting atrophic femoral non-union with significant femoral shortening. Combined simultaneous lengthening to correct limb discrepancy with compression of the established non-union with an intramedullary nail in situ was performed using circular external fixation. Successful bifocal non-union compression and femoral lengthening over a nail to address sequelae of a fracture is here described for the first time.


femur, fracture, non-union, intramedullary nail, lengthening, circular external fixation, bifocal compression.


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