MRI-diagnostics of the changes in the capsuloligamentous system and menisci in patients with the knee arthrosis deformans

Дьячков К.А., Дьячкова Г.В., Карасева Т.Ю., Карасев Е.А.


Introduction. The pathological symptom-complex of the knee arthrosis deformans in addition to the changes in femoral and tibial articular ends includes the cartilage injury, the dystrophic changes in menisci, ligaments, capsule.
Purpose. To study the changes in the knee capsuloligamentous system in patients with arthrosis deformans using MRI technique.
Material and Methods. 87 patients with arthrosis deformans examined by the technique of magnetic resonance tomography before treatment (Siemens Magnetom Symphony Maestro Class magnetic resonance tomograph with 1.5-T induction).
Results. The data strongly evidence of the fact that in patients with arthrosis of the knee as far as the process worsens the changes in the capsuloligamentous system also increase in it along with the cartilage and bone changes.
Conclusion. The results have demonstrated that MRI is one of the highly informative methods of evaluating the pathological changes in menisci, ligaments accompanying bone changes for osteoarthrosis deformans.


the knee (joint), arthrosis deformans, menisci, ligaments, capsule, articular cartilage, magnetic resonance tomography


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