Reconstruction of bone loss of diaphyseal tibial bones using G.A. Ilizarov technique

Bari M.M., Islam S., Shetu N.H., Mahfuzer R.M.


The management of segmental defects within the diaphysis of long bones is one of the most challenging problems that the surgeon confronts in his practice. The procedures traditionally used to bridge bone gaps include autogenous bone grafting [1], posterolateral bone grafting [2], transplantation of allograft bone [3] and fibular protibia procedures [4]. All the above traditional methods of management of bone defects sometimes require multiple surgical interventions. The treatment period is long and weight bearing may not be possible while the functional results are often less than satisfactory. Recent studies showed that the G.A. Ilizarov Technique is a more popular than vascularised bone grafts especially for big bone defects [5, 14].


tibia, open fractures, osteomyelitis, congenital pseudoarthrosis, diaphyseal defects, Ilizarov method


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